Who We Are

  headshot Rochelle Keyhan is the Director of Feminist Public Works. As Director she handles the organization’s programming, educational curriculum, and speaking engagements. Her work emphasizes high-impact programming aimed at culture shifts around social inequities that disproportionately affect women, people of color, and members of LGBTQ communities. In her five years with the Hollaback! movement, both as an attorney and board member for Hollaback!, and the founder/director of HollabackPHILLY, and her role as Director of Feminist Public Works, Rochelle has spearheaded programming that made "street harassment" a common word in Philadelphia, and changed the way comic conventions respond to harassment and groping within their event spaces, while mentoring budding activists across the globe as they join the fight to end gender-based violence. She has advised on local Philadelphia and statewide Pennsylvania policy related to gender-based violence, specifically related to street harassment and human trafficking. She has written a chapter in the anthology "Civil Society Organisations and Women’s Emancipation" published by Policy Press through Bristol College in the UK. She has also written for journals and news media, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, COPS (at the USDOJ), and Newsworks-WHYY (NPR affiliate). She has been interviewed by NPR and featured in the print editions of Glamour and Marie Claire magazines, and interviewed by various television and print news-media outlets about her outspoken advocacy for gender-based safety in public spaces, as well as interviewed as an expert for “”, a 22 minute documentary on rape jokes.  Rochelle is a first generation Iranian-American who relocated from Southern California to Philadelphia in 2007. A graduate of UCLA (with a dual major in English and Women’s Studies), Rochelle received her JD from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. She is bar certified to practice law in Pennsylvania, and is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia focusing on women’s issues and non profit legal assistance. Rochelle has been actively and passionately involved in feminism since her first year in college when she was trained in feminist and gender theory for the debate team. At UCLA she was Editor in Chief of FEM: UCLA’s Feminist Newsmagazine and co-founder and captain of UCLA’s Debate team, both of which contributed to her outspoken approach to feminism and gender/LGBTQ rights. She is also a guest blogger at HBOWatch focusing on gender and feminist commentary in HBO programming.    


Anna Kegler currently serves as Deputy Director for Feminist Public Works. She enjoys developing media and research projects focused on the problem of street harassment while also exploring media and communication issues around gender-based violence. She spearheaded HollabackPHILLY’s 2013 PSA campaign in Philadelphia’s public transit system. The ads were successful at starting conversations in Philadelphia, so much so that SEPTA, Philly’s public transit system, kept them published for an extra month as a show of support and solidarity. The ads also went viral online, with over 350,000 Facebook impressions and almost 100,000 reblogs on Tumblr, and received significant media coverage, including WHYY, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia City Paper, Women’s Media Center, Stop Street Harassment, Bitch Media, , and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Anna is in the process of scaling these ads to other cities with Hollaback! branches, and is excited to launch HollabackPHILLY’s 2014 expanded advertising campaign. Anna earned an M.S. in Criminology from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2011, and a B.A. in Latin American Studies/Portuguese-Brazilian Studies from Smith College in May 2005. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and has a working knowledge of French. Anna currently works as a case manager in an Immigration law practice group, where she handles complex business immigration cases.  


Erin Filson is serves as Creative Director for Feminist Public Works. Erin is the amazing artist who designed HollabackPHILLY’s SEPTA ads and made our anti street harassment comic book, “Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue“.  She is a local Philadelphian, a graduate of the University of the Arts, and has her own, hilarious online comic, The Adventures of Ranger Elf! Her art is innovative, detailed, and she has received quite a bit of praise, including being named Geekadelphia’s “Geek of the Week” May 22, 2013! Her comic and art skills have also been featured by Glamour MagazineCampus Progress,  , and Bitch Media, and she was spotlighted by Action Studio Works! And, of course, the crowdfunding campaign to publish Erin’s first comic book for HollabackPHILLY met and surpassed all of its goals, allowing the comic to not only be published, but also to be available online in over ten languages, and accompanied by a choose-your-own-adventure computer-based comic for youth workshops. And we’ll be tackling comic-con harassment at a variety of conventions across the country, including International Comic Con 2014!