Comic Book

RedYellowBlue In 2013, HollabackPHILLY (a project of Feminist Public Works) created and published a comic book on street harassment: Hollaback, Red, Yellow, Blue. Red, Yellow, and Blue are the names of three characters who deal with street harassment. Red and Yellow are girls who experience harassment and have to figure out how to deal with it. Blue is Red’s boyfriend, and he has seen other dudes harass girls but doesn’t realize the impact, or that he can help, until Red fills him in. Comic books are used by the United Nations and other organizations as best practices for youth education on tough issues. Street harassment is a tricky thing to talk about, and it starts young. Nobody likes to think about 10-year-old girls being sexually harassed on their way to school, but for a lot of kids, . Not only can street harassment it have serious effects on people’s self-esteem and sense of safety, but it also says something big about who we are a culture: if we accept street harassment, that means we accept the objectification of women, gender-policing, and gender-based violence. We can do better! The first step is to start talking about it. The anti-street harassment comic book helps youth think through this difficult issue in an accessible way. It is used for educational workshops on street harassment against women and LGBT folks, and bystander intervention. HollabackPHILLY is also creating an online, interactive comic (choose your own adventures style) as well as working on making the comic book for sale as an e-book.
The comic book received significant press, including the following:
This 24-page, full-color comic book is currently for sale on Etsy. 100% of the proceeds go back into programming, including youth workshops, public service advertisements, research and community events!
Another project of Feminist Public Works, Geeks For CONsent, are involved in anti-harassment efforts at comic cons. For more information on these efforts or to get involved, visit at GeeksForCONsent.