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Geeks for CONsent

Geeks for CONsent is an initiative to address the problem of gender-based harassment that occurs at comic conventions.

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[Despite ceasing our US based affiliation with Hollaback! in November 2014, the Feminist Public Works team decided to continue to offer logistical, organizational, and financial assistance to the volunteers doing work in Iran because the problem is incredibly pervasive and without our assistance, the anti-street harassment activism and story-sharing would no longer be possible on the ground in Iran.]

HollabackIRAN was launched in December 2013 by Iranian women, frustrated by the prevalence of street harassment in their own community. HollabackIRAN provides an online community for people to share their experiences with street harassment in an anonymous way. Sharing stories helps break the silence around street harassment, which is a reality for far too many women, girls, and LGBT people in Iran. A recent study done by the website, Zanestan (out of Iran), interviewed women about their experiences with street harassment, and found that street harassment is rampant across Iran, occurring when women walk on sidewalks or ride public transportation. The survey also revealed that women didn’t feel they could report the harassment for fear of being judged or having the experience minimized. The prevalence of street harassment throughout Iran and the lack of resources to support women and LGBT folks living with the harassment motivated local and international activists to start Hollaback! Iran.

Past Projects:

HollabackPHILLY Logo


The Feminist Public Works leadership team decided to cease affiliation with HollabackPHILLY in November 2014. Read the reasoning here.

HollabackPHILLY, founded in 2011, originated as the Philadelphia branch of Hollaback!, an international movement to end street harassment, or sexual harassment in public by strangers. Hollaback! started in 2005 as a blog to collect stories about street harassment, and has since expanded to branches in 71 cities, with activists working together in countries spanning 24 countries. HollabackPHILLY has gained a reputation within the Hollaback! movement as an innovative branch, generating successful programs to be used throughout the Hollaback! network. HollabackPHILLY recognizes and frames street harassment as a gateway to more severe forms of gender-based violence. By targeting the mindset that enables the behavior, we fight the permissive culture surrounding all forms of gender-based violence.