Comic Con Efforts

Harassment at comic conventions is major problem, particularly affecting cosplayers, who have shared experiences of inappropriate comments, upskirt photos, groping, and other harassing behaviors by other con-goers. Geeks For CONsent, a project of Feminist Public Works, is actively reaching out to comic conventions to work with them in addressing this harassment problem by putting policies in place and training volunteers. Geeks for CONsent is also collecting harassment stories to demonstrate the extent and impact of the issue. They effectively brought international attention to the issue with their focus on San Diego Comic Con in July 2014. A month later, New York Comic Con convened a panel and revamped their entire approach to harassment at the convention.
  San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - AM 760 KFMB July 2014     Their successful effort was featured in a KCET special a few months later in October 2014. KCET  October 2014 In 2013, GeeksForCONsent's anti-harassment teams attended a number of cons, including the following:
The efforts are getting significant press, including MTV Act and CNN iReport. Geek culture has been becoming more popular in recent years, and we are thrilled to see mainstream media starting to pay attention to the problem of harassment at comic cons.
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