Learn more about the world of modern slavery: American Crime Season 3

American Crime Season 3 Watch Party Toolkit

As trafficking advocates we spend every day working toward a world without human trafficking.  The first two episodes of American Crime have been intense and pretty emotional. They also present a pretty realistic account of what trafficking looks like. We’ve been so excited to see trafficking themes drive the plot of a TV show on a major network like ABC. The show has characters preying on vulnerable migrants and drug addicted youth to traffic them on a family farm, as well as pimps and buyers of sex preying on young, vulnerable boys and girls. Our team can’t stop talking about the show, so we thought we’d record our “watch party” conversations to share with you all. We encourage you to have watch parties of your own and really learn about the trafficking happening in our own neighborhoods everyday. - Medium Our team is live-tweeting each episode at twitter.com/fempubworks. For a sample of the ways the tweets directly engage with thematic elements and contextualize the plot in the reality of human trafficking work, checkout this Storify from episode 1.
Every Tuesday we'll also release a blog post on Medium of our group-engagement and discussions around the themes each episode, hopefully they'll inspire and inform your discussions! See the post for Episodes 1 and 2! If you want to host your own watch-club parties, checkout the toolkit below for tips and resources!

The Team:

Rochelle: former SVU/trafficking prosecutor, current program Director working to disrupt human trafficking

Meghan: Advocate working to disrupt human trafficking with a background in education policy and trauma

Veronica: Data Analyst doing anti-human trafficking work with a federal government background

    American Crime Season 3 Watch Party Toolkit

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