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Six potential survey result deal breakers

A property survey is a necessary expense for any potential buyer, as it can make or break a deal. A survey will help you to discover whether there are any structural problems, such as subsidence or damp, or any other hidden exterior or interior problems.

Structural issues can affect properties

There are some factors that, if left unresolved, may lead a buyer to walk away from a property sale. Perhaps the most obvious one is the structural strength of the home. When the soil under a property expands and contracts, this can lead to subsidence. Signs that the foundations are fragile include cracks on the brickwork. Underpinning the foundations can be costly.

Damp can be treated by experts

Damp can be treated; however, potential buyers with asthma or weakened immune systems may be uneasy about buying a property affected by it. Once the problem is identified, experts can remedy the situation.

Re-wiring and installing new heating can be challenging tasks

Undertaking the rewiring of a property can be a substantial job, as it involves lifting floorboards, drilling, and the extensive re-plastering of walls. Similarly, installing a new central heating system can be a huge undertaking.

Rot and woodworm can affect properties

Wood can become decayed if rot sets in and can be problematic in timber structures. Dry rot will weaken the timber; however, a survey should outline the cost and work involved. Woodworm can also cause damage to the structure, with signs of woodworm including holes in the wood.

Six potential survey result deal breakers

Potential purchasers requiring a home buyers survey Hertfordshire can obtain quotations from a range of professionals. Having a home buyers survey Hertfordshire is worth the expense.

Get expert advice for asbestos issues

Asbestos is a word that no prospective buyer wants to hear, especially when they have their heart set on a property. Residential properties can have a degree of asbestos and it can be found around boilers, inside gas pipes and cisterns, and behind fuse boxes. It is vital to get expert advice first.

Japanese knotweed can cause structural damage

This invasive plant’s roots can cause structural damage to parts of properties. It is a rapidly spreading and stubborn plant, not to mention difficult to move; again, seek expert advice if a property shows signs of issues with Japanese knotweed.

Declan Bell