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Clothing choices for a Celebrity

Celebrities are always photographed looking absolutely flawless (well, most of the time). Their styles change as much as the weather, with each of them showcasing their own sense of style and expression. Sure, most celebs have their own stylists and personal shoppers to give them fashion advice and guidance, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some inspiration from them, right?

Here is what your favourite celebs are wearing:

Taylor Swift

Claiming that Taylor Swift is something of a style icon is a HUGE understatement. The girl has paparazzi lens following her nearly 24/7 and most of the outfit’s she wears are photographed and posted either in the newspaper, in a magazine or online. But what will the country-turned-pop singer be sporting this season?

She is rarely seen in anything frumpy or ill-fitted. This superstar is well-known for not only her signature red lip, but for her incredible eye for style and ladies designer clothing.

She loves crop tops and high waist bottoms, which can be anything from skirts to jeggings. You can grab your own high waist jeans as well as a few Taylor Swift staples including collared shirts and figure hugging dresses etc.


Since her visual album “Lemonade” dropped like a musical bomb, all eyes have been on the “Bootylicious” singer to see what she’s going to step out in next. Famous for her curvy figure and confident body image, the “Queen Bee” is expected to really shake up her style over the next few months.

When she hits the red carpet, this lady never fails to impress. According to Elle, she was spotted wearing gladiator sandals with a gorgeous red printed knee-length dress.  She has also been known to wear beautiful Maxi Dresses from a wide selection of places like the ones available at sites such as ax paris. These beautiful designs really shine a light on her while she’s performing and allow for free movement when she sings and dances on stage.  When she’s out and about, she loves to dress casual in a pair of distressed jeans, a black vest top and a classic biker jacket.

Selena Gomez

This former “Wizards of Waverly Place” star is the most followed person on Instagram. Most of her followers want to catch up on her latest news, but the rest of us are there to see what the beauty is wearing. Her clothes are unique, confident and completely wearable, so what has she been wearing lately?

Clothing choices for a Celebrity

The singer has gone for a more “grown up” look. She looked gorgeous in a silver Galvan slip dress (which is a hugely popular trend), complete with a pair of matching heels. According to Harpers Bazaar, the “Same Old Love” singer was spotted in a Marquez Almeida frayed denim jacket with patching pants. She finished the look with a simple white crop top and black strappy sandals.

Declan Bell