November 18, 2019
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This day in a age, everybody works hard. Overworked causes stress and too much relaxing causes laziness. Finding balance between work and relaxation is essential to maintain optimum health and a productive life. This means balance between work life and personal life:

  1. SETTING YOUR PRIORITIES DIRECTLYcan help you to balance between work and relaxation. Make sure to set your job priorities as well as your personal activities.
  2. START YOUR DAY EARLY.Many individuals find it difficult to wake up in the morning, you can successfully do this by having a good sleep. Make sure to get up one hour earlier so that you are able to enjoy your mornings better and have enough time for the activities of the day with out stress.
  3. ALWAYS FIND TIME TO TAKE A BREAKand use this free time to relax and enjoy. Do what you enjoy the most – be it like reading a book or going to a spa. Remember, spending quality time for yourself is important for your overall wellbeing.
  4. MEET NEW PEOPLE.Having fun with teammates can help you deal with work better while meeting new persons can improve your social skills and intellect. Coffee breaks should not be just about eating or drinking. Use this free time to relax and replenish your energy.BALANCING DEMAND OF WORK AND RELAXATION
  5. IDEAS FOR PRACTICE– Brush your teeth. Have a bath. Straighten your posture . Jog in place. Take deep breaths. Wake up earlier. While watching TV, do 5 stand ups during the commercials. Stay positive. Eat salads. Drink an extra glass of water. In short – Be active-Breathe deeply – Eat healthy- Sleep well.
  6. GET INSPIRATION– Most common excuse people make is lack of time for a healthy lifestyle. Time and health are always at odds. You have time to work, time to commute but very little time to spend on Yourself. Look, at 85 I am more energetic than in my youth days. even today I have 8 hours work schedule. Talk to me and get inspired.
Declan Bell